Pinch Pots in an Egg Wall Hanging

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Pinch Pots in an Egg.JPG

Pinch Pots in an Egg Wall Hanging


This piece is used when you want to fill other people up with all things good. Use one pinch pot* to represent a person in your life that you would like to fill with something they, light, peace, strength, courage, health, etc. Each pinch pot can represent a different person. This piece is great to use in conjunction with your prayers. The open vessels or cups will "hold" your prayers for that person.

You may change the representation of a pinch pot to another person when you need to. Remember, this is "holy land" so you can only bring good to a person when intending here.

*Pinch pot: Probably the first pot ever made according to archeologists. Constructed by making a ball out of clay and then inserting the thumb in the center of the ball. The ball is turned around with the inserted thumb "pinching" the clay against the fingers on the outside of the ball until a thin-walled cup-like shape is achieved.

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These egg shaped wall hung pieces measure approx. 20"x16"x3" and are infused with the ancient sacred mantra's energy. Feel the Divine Mother's frequency when they hang in your space.

Each has a different theme held within.

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