Om Namaha Shivaya Wall Hanging


Om Namaha Shivaya Wall Hanging


The MahaMantra or great mantra.

Babaji said it is the highest thought there is. Its literal translation is "Oh Lord Shiva, I bow to thee with reverence" (Shiva being the part of God that destroys our ignorance and ego.) It also means INFINITE SPIRIT, INFINITE BEING & INFINITE MANIFESTATION. Therefore it charges you up while at the same time wiping out your negativity. It also means "I bow to the God Within" or "Oh Lord you are my refuge" You could also compare it to "Thy Will Be Done" in Christianity.

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If your life is not working right recite this mantra 108x in front of this piece.
If you are really serious, 108x ten times per day.  This takes about 20 min.

These egg shaped wall hung pieces measure approx. 20"x16"x3"
They are infused with the ancient sacred mantra's energy.
Feel the Divine Mother's frequency when they hang in your space.

Each has a different theme held within.

Price: $1,008.00 each plus shipping

Shipping:   USA  $24.00       International   $65.00