Feminine Mystique Wall Hanging

Feminine Mystique.JPG
Feminine Mystique.JPG

Feminine Mystique Wall Hanging


This piece is filled with powerful feminine energy and will help to shift your frequency towards the new paradigm taking over the planet as we enter the next Yuga or cycle.  A world of cooperation, integrity, unity and love. This piece will help to open your heart and put you in touch with your divine feminine side.

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Price: $1,008.00 each plus shipping

Shipping:  USA  $24.00   International:  $65.00

These egg shaped wall hung pieces measure approx. 20"x16"x3"
They are infused with the ancient sacred mantra's energy.
Feel the Divine Mother's frequency when they hang in your space.

Each has a different theme held within.

Sit in front of this piece and meditate, pray or recite the mantra OM NAMAHA SHIVAYA when feeling overwhelmed, frustrated and disconnected.