The Altar Bowl Story

synopsis from the book  "A Bowl for your Soul"  (soon to be published)

In 1981 I co-created a sacred art piece with Source energy.  A free-form bowl with a rippled edge.
The piece was fashioned out of white and terracotta colored clays.  Contained within were three eggs -  a white egg, a terracotta colored egg and one combining both clays.  I loved the vibration that emanated from it so I kept it near me.

After writing a letter to God, I folded it up and held it between my hands as I prayed and intended.  When I opened my eyes, I looked up to see the bowl.  I felt the bowl call to me to aid with manifestation.  I dropped the letter into it and at this point it became my Altar Bowl. Three days passed and I got the message to burn the letter right in the bowl.* 

I felt that my life would go smoothly now and that I would receive all that I wanted.  My life DID improve, but the bowl and I still had more growing to do.

Several years later, I was introduced to A Course In Miracles and read Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda. I was then able to perceive that in every way my thoughts were responsible for what showed up in my life and I was completely smitten by Babaji** as He claimed me as His devotee.   
I also read Behaving as if the God in all Life Mattered by Machaelle Wright, founder of Perelandra in Virginia.  
Her book was largely about gardening and manifesting and she was becoming quite good at manifesting. I began to follow her knowledge about working with fairies and nature spirits (devas).  I was now working with a lot of energy of all kinds and noticing what worked and what did not. 

I have gone to India every year since 2011 and have learned the ancient Sanskrit mantras recited in Babaji's temple. These mantras were given to the immortal masters in the Himalayas many thousands of years ago appearing to them in the air written in gold.  They are very powerful and help to clear the debris on one’s path.

At the ashram, I started to get messages from Babaji about the Altar Bowls. He wanted me to get them out to people so that He could be in their homes helping to ease their way by clearing their blocks with these high, holy mantras contained within the bowl. Incorporating 14K gold on the bowl's edging helped to bring in and hold the mantras even more.  Adding a crystal amplified the high frequencies of the mantras and the intentions of the bowl's owner.  So now the Altar Bowls are ready for you.

“The wand chooses the wizard Harry”   ~ J.K. Rowlings ~

I have found that I am able to “hear” (very clearly) a bowl calling to go to a certain person when I have their name. I have had great success with this. If you choose, you may send the name of the recipient when placing the order and a certain bowl will choose that person.  The color of the bowl or the crystal is immaterial as it is the perfect bowl for that person. Just specify the size.
If you choose to not have the bowl "choose" you, you may then select the color and of course the size.

Sometimes a specific frequency comes through during the creation of a bowl.  There have been specific angels, goddesses, saints, Peace Pilgrim, fairies, and energies such as Native American, love, abundance, and much more. These bowls always call to a specific person to receive it.  Much like Babaji calls people to His energy home. ( Many people would love to go to His ashram, but if He does not call you, you will not be able to go.)  If a bowl comes through with a specific energy for you, I will state it in the personalized letter that each person receives..
The three eggs in the bowl symbolize the Divine Mother energy that is pouring into our planet now.  They are a symbol of birth, creation, and the mystical number three of all religions.   Each crystal chosen belongs to each bowl like a body part.  It does not matter if it is large, small or a different color.  It is the crystal that will benefit the piece the most.
Many people have altars in their homes today.  Perhaps you will create one if you do not have one already.  The Altar Bowl would be a perfect piece to put on your altar.  Your altar should always be dedicated to God, as it is the God force energy that permeates the bowl and everything else.
As I look back and see the thread running through this journey, I realize that Babaji knew back in 1981 that this bowl would evolve and be ready to serve humanity in this way. I feel deeply humbled and honored to be co-creating these beautiful bowls for your use, to create ease and joy and wonder in manifesting your personal desires.
Many Blessings,
Peg Santangelo
ceramic artist/potter
*Instruction cards for use come with each Altar Bowl.
**Babaji is a MahaAvatar or a physical manifestation of God.