"One of my passions is to create ceremony. When I was in the presence of Peggy's Altar Bowls, I felt an energy moving though them and me that I could not deny.  I had to have my own bowl.  Peggy picked the perfect Altar Bowl for me, or shall I say, the Bowl picked me.  I did my first ceremony with the Altar Bowl and within a few days it had helped me manifest what I intended.  I did my ceremony and placed my intention within the Bowl.  Within two or three days, I burned it to send it out to the universe.  In a weeks time I was given the opportunity to use my gifts, talents and abilities in a larger way, as well as increase my income.  During a Sound Codes & Peace Across the Planet Circle, I used the "Peace Pilgrim Bowl" to create ceremony for the group.  The participants blew their intentions within the Bowl, and we raised the vibrations of peace, love and abundance through us and the area.  I felt this through my body as I went to each participant and co-created this alchemy of peace. Peggy's works are a powerful tool for manifestation.  They are a sacred way to bring in the energies of intent and manifestation for your highest good.  I am so excited to use these Bowls for my wedding couples, families during baby blessings, as well as creation and renewal ceremonies through out the globe.  It is a great addition to my work and my ministry.  I am forever grateful that Peggy channels this brilliance to each and everyone of us who are ready to receive our highest potential and create a new world."   ~ Rev. Naomi Fay ~   Newburgh, NY


"I met wonderful Peggy on a trip to India in 2014.  I heard her speaking of her Altar Bowls on the bus ride and immediately knew I wanted one.  As soon as we returned from India, we went to pick out our Altar Bowl.  To say I was surprised when I saw them would be an understatement.  I expected them to be nice and functional, but these were absolutely BEAUTIFUL!  The love, creativity, and attention to detail that Peggy puts into these Bowls is incredible.  In my experience, these Bowls work!  I found what I asked for manifesting even quicker and in different ways than I would have ever imagined.  I love my Altar Bowl so much that I have since purchased several for family members and plan on continuing to do so.  I am grateful to Peggy for following her heart and making these amazing Bowls available to everyone."  ~ Nicole C. ~  Pine Bush, NY


"I have been so happy to have pieces from this beautiful and inspiring collection from my favorite artist. Her most recent Altar Bowls, made with gold and crystals and infused with the ancient Sanskrit mantras, are truly exciting. The wall hung egg shape of Archangel Michael hangs above our door as a constant reminder that he is in our lives keeping us safe and wrapped in his love.  He looks so strong with large muscles, huge wings and his blue sword of steel and the lapis lazuli inset speaks to me as the gem for supporting writers."  ~ Wendy F. ~ Pompton Lakes, NJ


"I’ve been manifesting things for a few years now without really even knowing it. Although I felt tapped into the universe, I was starting to wonder if all of these little miracles could really be coincidences. A chance meeting with Peggy, however, brought the truth to light. She showed me her Altar Bowls, and I ended up buying four of them - one for each member of my family. Since then we have all learned that wishes really do come true. We no longer believe in coincidences."  ~ Brendan Mullally ~  BeeLine Moving and Hauling NY


"Peggy, I love my Altar Bowl and will finally get it on Sunday. My friend sent me a picture and I have been using that!  Another story of manifestation: I got 4 brand new tires for my Rav4 for only $335! Yes, the dealership split their cost with me! How cool is that?  A complete set of tires that would have cost me over $750!  I am a happy camper and I will be more active with the Bowl after I get it."   ~ Judy H. ~  Hudson Valley, NY