Shakti Pendants

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Chakra Pendants - Peggy Santangelo.jpg
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3 Chakra Pendants - Peggy Santangelo.jpg
Chakra Pendants - Peggy Santangelo.jpg
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Shakti Pendants

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The word Shakti comes from the ancient Sanskrit -  Shak “to be able” - meaning power.  It is the primordial cosmic energy that moves through the entire universe. It is the personification of the divine feminine creative force known as the Divine Mother. Shakti is responsible for creation and is the impetus for all change.

Hence the Shakti Pendant, infused with the ancient sacred mantras, will help to bring in creativity, help in manifestation and foster beneficent change.

The swirling colors on the pendant symbolize the cosmic energy that moves through the universe and the 14K gold helps to bring in and hold the mantras.  The small amethyst or herkimer diamond stud is for protection so one can gracefully and courageously move through change. Like color therapy, each color has attributes that are desirable at different times in one’s life. As you wear the pendant the colors will help to balance and align your energies and life force centers (chakras).

Choose the pendant that resonates with the color attributes that you desire or feel which one you are drawn to - that is the one for you!

Small 1.75"  -  $42
Medium 2"  -  $53
Large 2.75"  -  $62

See the color chart below for each color's key attributes and then select your color when ordering.

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Color Chart

AMBER   Increases creativity, strengthens manifestation abilities, deepens bonds in relationships, teaches how to give and receive affection,   brings warmth, optimism, spontaneity and fun. Breath of life.

AQUA     Serenity, tranquility, peace and soothing calm. It fosters patience, faith and acceptance. It dissolves your fears to increase your self confidence. Awakens empathy.

BLACK    Dissolves the old to bring in the new. Protection, strength and retreat. A gateway to new experiences.

BLUE     Activates healing powers. It can increase metabolism and vitality. Has a calming effect on people. Protection.

BROWN    Earthiness. Creates a connection to nature, animals and universal wisdom that creates healthy boundaries. Grounding, nourishment, strength.

GOLD     Clarity in decision making. It attracts prosperity and abundance. It is the best color for healing all illness.

GREEN    Revitalizes the nervous system, heart and circulatory system. Lowers blood pressure and stimulates growth for broken bones. Calms mind, body and soul. Take action.

INDIGO   Clarity of purpose. Helps with mental and emotional disorders, ADD, anxiety and depression. Regenerates the body.

MAGENTA  Truth, clarity and faith. Connects with your deepest inner knowing. Connects you to the higher realms of spirituality. Hearing. Overcoming challenges. Passion.

PINK     Unconditional love. Opens the heart. Helps to heals heart problems. Rejuvenation, attraction, relationships.

PURPLE   Connects mind, body and soul. Brings positivity and success. Clears mental confusion and negativity. Balanced life. Faith.

ORANGE   Awakens sexual and creative energy. Aids digestive ailments. Spontaneity, fun, rejoice and laugh.

RED     Success, prosperity, abundance. Energy, vitality, power. Grounding.

WHITE    Purification. Surrender. Holiness. Connect with your divine sparkle.

YELLOW   Helps you to think more quickly and clearly. Color of the intellect. Access innovative thinking. Helps to purify the digestive system.