Surprise Package


Surprise Package

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Let The Bowl Choose You!

I have found that I am able to "hear" (very Clearly) an Altar Bowl calling to go to a certain person when I have their name. I have had great success with this. When ordering this Altar Bowl it is vital that you send the name of the recipient (even if it is you) on the order form. A certain Altar Bowl will choose that person. The color of the Altar Bowl or the crystal is immaterial as it is the perfect Altar Bowl for that person. Just specify the size.


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Please indicate the name of the recipient, even if it is you, on the order form for the personal letter of authenticity.

Each person will receive a personalized letter of authenticity about their own unique Altar Bowl along with an instruction card for use.

Each Altar Bowl is hand-signed, dated and numbered and is a one-of-a-kind art piece. No two are alike. They are made by hand and not machined, therefore; there are slight variations in each piece and the dimensions are an approximation.



Available in three sizes: 

Small:  8"x6.5"x4" ($125 + shipping) 

Medium:  11"x10"x3" ($224 + shipping)  

Large:  14"x13"x3" ($325 + shipping)

Shipping:  USA $15.00      International  $65.00

The Eggs: Symbolize the Divine Mother energy which is now pouring into our planet. Also, a symbol of birth, creation and the mystical number three of all religions.

The Crystal: Amplifies the high frequency of the holy mantras and the intention of the Altar Bowl's owner. Each crystal belongs to each piece like a body part. The size or color does not matter, it is the crystal that will benefit the piece the most.

The 14K Gold: Helps to bring in and hold the ancient high holy Sanskrit mantras.

The Blessed Potpourri: A small piece of blessed potpourri from Amaji (the hugging saint) is included with the Altar Bowl.