Om Namaha Shivaya Mantra


"The repetition of this mantra helps one attain perfection and God realization. Babaji said it is the highest thought there is. Its literal translation is "Oh Lord Shiva, I bow to thee with reverence" (Shiva being the part of God that destroys our ignorance and ego). It also means INFINITE SPIRIT, INFINITE BEING & INFINITE MANIFESTATION. Therefore it charges you up while at the same time wiping out your negativity. It also means "I bow to the God Within" or "Oh Lord you are my refuge" You could also compare it to "Thy Will Be Done" in Christianity". 

Here are some other points of importance.

  1. The mantra is like nectar nourishing you
  2. It is like plugging yourself into the Source
  3. It charges you up and gives you alot of energy
  4. It leads to remembering your total union with God
  5. It enlivens your inner consciousness
  6. It helps overcome suffering
  7. It provides protection
  8. It brings inner peace
  9. This Divine Name IS Divinity
  10. The Name of God is the greatest treasure on earth
  11. It purifies your heart
  12. You can achieve all things through japa (repeating the mantra)
  13. It is the easiest, quickest , safest and cheapest way of attaining God Realization
  14. Your miseries and sorrows will come to an end
  15. It gets you out of doom and gloom
  16. It burns out your karma and errors
  17. It is the master key for success
  18. It is a cure for all disease
  19. You can use it to administer healing to others
  20. It attracts people to you.
Sondra Ray (left) and Peggy at the ashram.

Sondra Ray (left) and Peggy at the ashram.

"Maybe you did not know about all these benefits; but now you do. So get some mala beads if you don't have them and recite it 108X daily (or for MAXIMUM benefit due 10 rounds on mala beads.)"  ~ S. Ray ~ author and mother of Liberation Breath work