Ahriah Vocare is an Archangel and Ascended Master channel. 
She channeled this about Peggy and the Altar Bowls and was also referencing
Rev. Naomi Fay's ceremonies using the Altar Bowls.

Altar Bowls – Ahriah Vocare 06-16-14

This is White Buffalo Calf Woman and I have worked through Peggy through eons of time with the Christ Energy, with the fertility of Mother Gaia and through the resonance of Star Mothers.

So she creates this syllabus. The bowl is a syllabus. It is identifying the code of each ceremony, or each couple or each event that it holds.

It opens to collect from the Star Mothers the direct gift of each occasion and the celebration of that gift.

So the bowl sings the song of the creation, of the couple, of the ministry, of the land of which it is used.  It is a morphogenic field* that holds these gifts of the Fire Mothers in it.

We cannot tell you strongly enough that this is an enormous gift of co-creation with the White Buffalo energy and the Christ Consciousness will always be present and it will be an enormously beautiful tool for you to use.

Ahriah’s comments: She made it ripply because it is shape shifting with each occasion. It is almost like a spinning disc in your hands and the bowl is holding the symbol that you are co-creating in this morphogenic field.                                                   


Ahriah Vocare M.A. SpiritShift                             
Channel and Coach                                       
Embodying the Soul/Merging with Source                  

Reverend Naomi Fay
Ordained Interfaith Minister


 Morphogenic Fields: Morphogenic or Morphogenetic fields are fields of thought created by everything in existence; it is the input and output of creation.  With every thought and action (or non-action) every individual strengthens one of those fields of thought that exist or with the focus of enough minds, creates a new one.  You've heard of mass consciousness?  This is a morphogenic field.  Global fear, judgement, peace and love are also morphogenic fields in existence, waxing and waning with every individual thought.