About Peggy Santangelo

Ceramic Artist and Potter



Peg Santangelo owns and operates a successful private studio where she not only produces her unique line of ceramic art, but teaches as well.  Her works have included wheel-thrown functional pottery, designer and decorative pieces for the table and wall, plus, one-of-a-kind works for gallery exhibits. Current work features her Sacred Healing Art which includes her Altar Bowls, Shakti Pendants, Sigils and Wall Hung Divine Mother Egg Shapes.


  • Over 30 years as an artist
  • Masters in Fine Arts Education from Rutgers University - The Mason Gross School of Arts.
  • Instructs children and adults on experiencing their inner being using various art and design techniques through pottery.  
  • Exhibits works at metaphysical craft shows, fine art shows and in local and NYC galleries.

While her work has always had a spiritual influence, she has been deeply inspired by her travels to Shri Haidakhandi ashram at the foothills of Mount Kailash in the Himalayas, India.  Her unique line of Sacred Healing Art springs from the inspiration gained while there.

The logo is on the bottom/back of each piece.  It is a pictogram of the name Peg Santangelo. The center shape is a tent peg for "Peg".  The square halo is the symbol for a living saint for "Sant." The angel wings are for "angelo" or angel.  Hence, Peg Santangelo. 

The Altar Bowls and Egg Shaped Wall Hangings are all hand-signed, dated and numbered. Each piece is a unique one-of-a-kind art piece so no two are alike. They are made by hand and not machined.

Artist Statement:

My love of clay ignited in college and I have not stopped working with this humble and extremely versatile medium since.

While my work always had a spiritual bent, I have explored many facets of this medium through wheel work, hand building and sculpture.  My past gallery works found expression through goddess themes.  Inspired by the guru MahaAvatar Babaji, I have traveled many times to His ashram in India for Navaratri, a nine day festival honoring the Divine Mother. The profound influence of this experience has shifted me in countless ways and consequently has influenced my art as well.

As an American coming from a Judaeo/Christian tradition, it is difficult to imagine the ultimate power of a guru until one has had the direct experience.  My work is grounded and imbued with the ancient Sanskrit mantra He gave: OM NAMAHA SHIVAYA.  Babaji said that this mantra is more powerful than the atomic bomb!  Reciting it keeps one clear of negativity and suffering.     It provides protection and is a cure for all disease.  It provides direct communication and access to the Source.

The process for creating these sacred pieces begins by entering a spiritual and meditative state that allows me to feel a collaboration with Source as we together find form and energy revealing itself within the clay. This process combined with a profound love of nature and reverence for the Divine,
gives birth to pieces of visual beauty and spiritual depth.

During the creation of the piece, many powerful Sanskrit mantras are infused within the sacred healing piece to help clear the debris from your path to make your life easier and to help you manifest your desires.  The mantras are infused with the life force energy of God. This energy puts one in touch with the spiritual intimacy we all desire, and helps you feel full faith, trust and confidence to take the next step you are being invited to make.  These ancient prayers were 'given' to the immortal masters thousands of years ago when they appeared to them in the air written in gold.  The 14K gold in my pieces, like the edging on the Altar Bowls and decorative lines on the Shakti pendants, is to help pull in the mantras that were written in gold.  Once completed, the piece is placed in the moon's polarized light and gentle magnetism which helps to further purify. The moon also sends in the Divine Mother's energy.  Ancient sacred mantras for abundance, prosperity, health, love, luck and happiness are recited during this time.

In 1984 Babaji appointed Muniraji to be His successor and holder of His energy. I was honored to be given a spiritual name by Muniraji my first year in India. The name given to me was MahaMaya - it means the energy that moves the world. It is a name for the Divine Mother. When Babaji left His body He said that it is all up to the Divine Mother now. We all bring Her energy into the world  in various ways as we go about our day - through acts of kindness, speaking our truth with love, living simply with a small footprint and loving each other. Perhaps this was Babaji's plan as well.  The energy that moves through the Altar Bowls, Sigils, Shakti pendants and wall hung Egg Shapes are my way of bringing the Divine Mother to you.

I feel I have a mission given to me by Babaji to create these sacred works of art for people to have in their homes or wear on their bodies, helping to smooth the path for them and provide them with their TRUE lives of abundance, happiness, and love.

I feel humbled and honored to be making these pieces for you.   I believe art enables us to share in a higher energy, greater intimacy and joy, and it's purpose is to bring humanity closer together. My purpose is to help bring forth this new evolution of healing, peace and joy through these sacred works.


~ Peggy