Om Namaha Shivaya

This site and the art within were inspired by the Eternal Spirit
and dedicated to the Infinite Love within us all.
You KNOW what you want, you are familiar with the laws of attraction,
but sometimes you just don't know how to get out of the struggle and into
the ease of manifesting what you desire.

These sacred works bring the highest vibration from the Himalayas to you - 
infused with powerful ancient Sanskrit mantras to help remove the debris from your path.



Peg Santangelo is an accomplished ceramic artist.  She owns and operates a private studio where she produces her unique line of ceramic art and teaches pottery concepts and techniques.
The Altar Bowls© are her signature pieces in her line of sacred healing art which also includes her Egg Shaped Wall Hangings©, Shakti Pendants© and Success and Prosperity Sigils©.

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The photo above is Shri Haidakhan ashram at the foot of Mount Kailash in the Himalayas, India. Travels there have served as both a source of inspiration and spiritual growth.
My art became imbued with a sacred quality brought about by the infusion of ancient Sanskrit mantras learned while there.

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